Matt Nolan

Nike Flyknit

Nike FlyKnit Product Shot

"just do it" -Shia labeouf

To achieve the look of the shoe appear to be floating in space, I used 'invisible' sewing thread to suspend the shoe off a boom arm.  I had a 4 point lighting setup with two rim lights, 1 primary fill light, and 1 secondary fill light.  It was shot against a black background but I decided to put the final image on white.

The hardest part of editing this photo, was actually cleaning up the sole.  These shoes are not new and most of the dark stains wouldn't come off before shooting.  Once cleaned up in Photoshop, parts of the sole were being lost in the background so I went in with the brush tool and painted in most of the color.

I clone stamped out the sewing wire, and used the pen tool to mask out the shoe.  I played around with putting it on different colored backgrounds, but white really made the shoe pop.  I used multiple curve adjustments and dodging and burning to accentuate details and give more shape to the shoe.  When it was all said and done, I had a great photo of the shoe that could easily be used in an online catalog or magazine, but I wanted to create something that could be used in an ad.

I did some Googling of Nike ads and noticed that a lot of their product ads have their shoes either being built or destroyed in creative ways.  Their ad for this shoe, showed it being sewn together with strings all coming together to form the shoe.  I decided to go the opposite route and show the shoe being blown up or disintegrating.  To achieve that look, I used a combination of the Liquify tool and multiple dispersion brushes to create the effect.

Skill set Used:  Photography, Lighting, Retouching

Production GIF (Click to watch)

Lighting setup

Lighting setup